• For sands tracks maintenance.
  • It´s our lightest maintenance mac.
  • It´s desogned to be towed by a quead or car.
  • Available for ball coupling or bolt.
  • Made entirely of hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • It includes a system that allows the height adjustment of both the bists and the levelling bar.
Model Working width Length Height Weight
1.8 1,80 m. 1,10 m. 1 m. 120 kg.
2.4 2,40 m. 1,10 m. 1 m. 130 kg.


  • Model specially indicated for the maintenance of sand tracks mixed with geotextile fibre.
  • It´s made entirely of hot-dip galvanised steel and desogned to be towed by a tractor coupling to its third point.
  • It has a turning system that causes this trail to behave like a trailer, due to the articulation with wich it joins the tractor vehicle.
  • It has a set of bists to remove the sand from the top layer, in addition to a shovel thet surface and distributing the excess sand. It has a deplyed sheet metal roller in charge of compacting and unifying the surface.
  • Regulation in height of the potions by means of the centre arm of the tractor.
  • It has a recoverer, which is especially useful to return to the track the sand that accumulates on the sides with the passage of time and use.
Working width Length Height Weight
2,20 m. 1,50 m. 1 m. 300 kg.